Just In: Malawi Government Burn Millions Worth of Elephant Ivory

By: Happy Arnold Soko

Thousands of elephant tusks and ivory sitting in a large pile has been burnt today in Mzuzu.

ivory being burnt in Mzuzu
ivory being burnt in Mzuzu

Several illegal stockpiles have been destroyed in recent times, a powerful indication demonstrating that a country will not tolerate wildlife crime. The destruction ensures that stockpiles of seized ivory will never again be sold and affirms the end of senseless acts of poaching in the country.

In September last year, the Tanzania blocked the Malawi government from burning 2.6 tones of ivory saying it needed the tusk as evidence for the prosecution of suspected poachers.

Nearly 800 tusks were intercepted by custom officials as they were being smuggled into Malawi from Tanzania.

The court further slapped two Malawians with $5,500 fines for their part in trafficking the ivory and ordered it be burned within 20days.

The current function is attended by officials from Malawi Police Service and Wildlife and National Parks.




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