Mutharika Bites Back at Opposition Parties

Mutharika bites back at Opposition Parties

By: Chikondi Magalasi

mutharikaMalawi’s President, Peter Mutharika has uttered that he is not stepping down from his position despite so much pressure from Civil Society Organisations and from opposition parties for him to resign for others to take over.

Speaking when he was lying a foundation stone where Deayang University will be constructed in Lilongwe on Saturday, Mutharika said those that are pressuring him to resign are just dreaming.

” Though others are intimidating me to step down, they are just dreaming and nobody shall intimidate Peter Mutharika,” said Mutharika.

He said many people have been trying to terrify him for over two years with different plans and now they are nowhere to be seen.

“They tried in three years intimidating me with different plans, where are they today?,” asked the President

The Malawi Leader further told the gathering that they should not be shaken with what is being said as he is still sticking to his words he said at Ndata in Thyolo a couple of months ago.

“Don’t be afraid with what other people are saying, remember what I told you on 7th April at Ndata that I will never leave you, I will die right here,” added Mutharika.

Opposition parties of this Country such as Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Peoples Party (Peoples Party) and Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) have called on Mutharika to solve the problems that this Country is facing in 90 days or else step down.

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