Multimillion Standard Bank Robbery Case on Today

By: Thula Chisamba

The multimillion Kwacha Mzuzu Standard Bank robbery case which dominated local media headlines in September two years ago has resurfaced and court proceedings are currently underway at Mzuzu high court.

The Malawi Star can reveal that today the high court Judge may announce his ruling after adjourning the case four times since September, 2014.

Standard Bank Mzuzu: Crime Scene
Standard Bank Mzuzu: Crime Scene

Three people are accused of the robbery and among them is Kenneth Kamwambi who until this incident was a Police man by profession.

The other two are Charles Moffat and Amosi Jere who were employees of Standard Bank and Group 4 Securicor (G4S) respectively.

The trio is suspected to have connived to come up with the idea to rob about MK 500 million from the said commercial bank.

The case was adjourned yesterday after two witnesses testified to the court on what they saw on that fateful day.

Gava Zimba and John Simwaza of Standard Bank and G4s respectively gave the court the details of what really happened for the suspects to successfully rob the named amount from the bank.

The other two witnesses had already testified during the court proceedings and other witnesses will be testifying today.

Jacob Nambiri is the State prosecutor while Christon Ghambi stands as a defence lawyer for the accused. The Malawi Star will be reporting on this case when judgement  is passed.




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