DPP Official Caught Pants Down


By Thula Chisamba

Tensions were running very high on Thursday evening within Katoto township where a man suspected to be a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) official was caught sleeping with another man’s wife.

Official caught pants down
Official caught pants down

Though The Malawi Star team cannot independently confirm the allegations but witnesses identified the man as Happy Mkandawire, regional treasurer for the ruling DPP.

It is alleged that Mkandawire has been having an affair with a married woman for four years before he was caught pants down on this day.

“He is a womanizer, using his wealth as a weapon, he has been sleeping with other men’s wives as part of his Life,” said Moses Phiri, a neighbour from Katoto residential area.

Other girls who witnessed the drama told The Malawi Star that Mkandawire is also a sugar daddy to most secondary school girls across the city.

They claimed to have seen him dating school girls from day release secondary schools using his money.

“He also impregnated a certain form two girl at Multi-Career Private. He told the girl to abort the pregnancy or else he was going to kill her. The girl was suspended from school and she has a baby for him now,” said a certain girl pleading for anonymity.

Mkandawire who recently survived some gun shots for allegedly being found sleeping with another married man in the city was rescued from the huge mob yesterday by the police.

The woman had already found her way out before our team arrived at the scene.

Husband to the woman wanted to beat up Mkandawire but was stopped by the law enforcers.

However, he told our reporter that should the Police dare not free  Mkandawire, someone would have died between him and Mkandawire.

“That prostitute must also never come near me or I will kill him,” fumed the man who was too angry that he could not give us his identity.

Mkandawire’s wife was too ashamed of the drama such that she declined to grant us an interview when approached for comment.

Meanwhile Mkandawire is in Mzuzu police custody where he is being protected from his hostile society.



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