Cabinet Accused of Contradiction


By Thula Chisamba

The Mzuzu Reformed Young Politicians Union (MRYPU) has dressed down cabinet ministers in the country for giving contradicting information to Malawians.

The union’s president John Shanks Kapote told The Malawi Star in an interview that such contradictions evidently shows that these ministers do not hold frequent meetings.

Mhango: Kapote to review observations
Mhango: Kapote to review observations

“That is why we suggested that they should just be fired because they have underperformed. How can they be contradicting each other on a daily basis?” fumed Shanks Kapote.

He added that being a current affairs follower, he monitors news every day on various media platforms and he has observed that cabinet ministers are always contradicting even with president Peter Mutharika.

He said that this tendency makes him doubt if these honourable members do bang heads first before informing the public on anything worthy public attention.

“Just last week we heard a publicist in The Ministry of Education expressing optimism that government may employ all trained primary school teachers but today, the publicist in The Ministry of Finance has just announced that government will not employ such teachers directly. Which is which here? What can we believe?” fumed Kapote.

Lately, The Ministry of Finance publicist Nations Msowoya was on record saying all newly trained teachers will have wait for vacancy announcement and to go through some interviews before being considered.

This contradicted with what the publicist in the Ministry of Education, Rabecca Phwitiko publicised that her ministry is ready to recruit all trained teachers in a bid to improve teacher to pupil ratio in the country.

Kapote further recalled various ministries contradicting each other on important information while urging ministers to try avoiding the recurrence of this trend by holding frequent meetings at a cabinet level.

“Currently, they are not meeting often thus we have such contradictions from them. How I wish they changed,” added Kapote.

Nevertheless, Minister of Information Jappie Mhango brushed aside the accusations aside urging Kapote to redo his observation.



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