Malawian Women Branded Political Cartoons

By: Thula Chisamba

Traditional Authority Kabunduli of Nkhata-bay district has blamed women in the country for letting politicians turn them into cartoons.

Women: Singing Praises
Women: Singing Praises

“These politicians view these women as their toys now. Since they began singing praises to politicians, what have they benefited? Nothing! Then why are they letting these hypocrites use them as toys? I personally hate this tendency,” fumed Kabunduli.

It is a well-known fact that most political rallies in this country are patronized by women who usually dance and sing praising songs to their preferred politicians.

In most cases they do not benefit anything tangible from their work. Historically, women began singing and dancing for politicians during the Kamuzu Banda era when they were called “Mbumba za Kamuzu”.

“Since then, who among those women has progressed in life? This tendency only makes them poorer,” added Kabunduli.

On his part, a Lecturer in History at the Mzuzu University, Chrispine Mphande did not mince words but lamented Malawian women for spoiling politicians with their songs of praise.

Mphande concurred with Kabunduli adding that women must be blamed for bad governance in this country because their songs wrongly advise and praises political leaders in the country even when they are wrong.

“If you can keenly observe, you will find that they are the same women that were patronizing political rallies where they sang praising songs to the leaders who previously have failed the country.

That is spoiling these politicians because they make them assume everything is fine on the ground,” fumed Mphande.

On the other hand, Grace Mbizi who was part of Amayi a Bingu during the late Bingu wa Mutharika reign revealed that most women love dancing and singing praises to politicians for some handouts.

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