Vendors Pay Deaf Ear on Green Maize Business

By:  Lackson Kanyoza.

Blantyre City Council (BCC) issued a ban over the selling of green maize last month but walking through the townships, the business is still hot The Malawi star has established.

Kasunda: issued the ban
Kasunda: issued the ban

BCC on 18th February announced the ban on the sell of green, roasted and cooked maize through a press release and said the business has been banned with immediate effect.

The council also warned the vendors to strictly observe the ban, saying anyone found selling maize in the city will be prosecuted.

But one local seller who spoke with this publication in Machinjiri Township challenged the idea saying he is selling maize from his own garden.

“I know about the ban but I can’t stop selling the maize because the maize is mine and I did not steal it from someone’s garden. Nowadays it’s hard to find money so this is the only business that I am relying. I have my family, children and I need to look after them, said the source who spoke for anonymity.

However, in an interview with BCC Public relation officer Anthony Kasunda if their council is aware about the matter, Kasunda said they are doing everything to enforce the ban.

“After issuing a notice, we follow up with enforcement. It’s something we cannot be done in a day as you know the city is big. But we are doing everything possible to enforce the ban,’’ Kasunda said.

He added that ‘among other reasons we are trying to avoid people stealing from gardens of those crop which has matured. We also encourage people to keep maize in the wake of food shortage,’ he explained.

However, the constitution of Malawi gives power any council in the country to make by laws and enforce and enforce them.

Early this year the ministry of local government issued a direct banning sale of green maize in gardens, especially this time when the green maize is ready for consumption.


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