PP had Solutions to Malawi hunger


By: Thula Chisamba

Secretery General for Malawi’s former ruling People’s Party Ibrahim Matola has claimed that his party had all solutions to the hunger currently rocking the country.

Matola: PP had solutions
Matola: PP had solutions

He made the claim on Sunday in an exclusive interview with The Malawi Star.

According to Matola, the People’s Party administration reserved millions of Kwachas meant for importation of maize from Brazil.

He claimed that under the dynamic leadership of Joyce Banda, they were already aware that millions of Malawians were prone to hunger thus they planned ahead.

Our party had visions for Malawi unlike what we see now. We already planned ahead on how to prevent the hunger by reserving some money for importing maize,” said Matola.

He added that the Party become is extremely sympathetic to see Malawians sleeping in ADMARC depots for weeks without buying any maize because of its scarcity.

As if that was not enough Matola blamed the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for rigging votes in the past elections citing that their dishonesty is exposing Malawians to hell on earth.

“It sounds very pathetic to see a leader saying “Ndilibe polobulemu” while it is his wacky government that is exposing Malawians to problems.

We however understand his childish mentality because he doesn’t realize that a problem doesn’t know that it is a problem,” fumed Matola.

He further trashed the Mutharika government for failing to manage well a lot of funds the Peoples Party team left at the treasury.

He said it sounds comic to hear Mutharika and his agents claiming that they did not find enough money in government thus Malawi is going through such a mess citing that is being highly unfair.

“If they didn’t find enough funds then where did they source the funds for their parties and weddings? Where did they find 40 million to buy a motor home? They are just being shy to admit that they have failed Malawians,” he added.

Nevertheless, in responding to the accusation DPP spokesperson Francis Katsaira said Matola said so out of frustration because they lost elections while in power.



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