Opposition Executives gets Threatening Phone Calls

By: Happy Arnold Soko

Allegations have surfaced that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is engineered political threats to opposition party top officials in the country following criticism for the current political and economic crisis which has compelled the resignation of the Malawi Leader.

Msonda: we are being threatened
Msonda: we are being threatened

The current infighting and factional feud among the ruling and opposition is being caused by the current political turmoil facing the country.

Confiding with The Malawi Star, opposition People Party publicity secretary Ken Msonda said they are living in fear following strange threatening calls they are receiving.

He alleged that many of opposition members from Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and PP have been receiving threatening calls from supporters and DPP gurus.

According to Msonda, the threats have been championed by recent remarks that were made during the opening of third phase of Chimpembere Highway by DPP regional governor for the South Charles Mchacha.

“That was primitive politics aimed at inciting DPP members to raise against the mentioned opposition political party leaders. At the moment our lives are at stake, we are leaving in fear. We are receiving threats from anonymous people calling themselves DPP members,” he explained an interview with this publication.

In his remarks, Mchacha cited that some opposition political party leaders in the name of Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, Richard Msowoya, Kamlepo Kalua and Ken Msonda are the only people in Malawi who are against the DPP administration under Peter Mutharika.

Msonda further hinted that the current administration is very arrogant and does not take advice from the opposition.

He added, “Instead of adherence to the advice offered the DPP administration is busy arresting and intimidating the opposition.

“Security threats are looming large with fear prevailing in the state capital. Our country leader and his followers are threatening us.”


But efforts to hear from the DPP side proved furtile as we went to the press.



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