16 Million Stolen from Chibanja Village Bank

16 Million robbed at Chibanja village bank

By: Thula Chisamba
bank robbery

The Malawi Police in Mzuzu city have launched a manhunt for three  armed robbers who recently robbed about MK 16 million from a village bank in Chibanja township.

Information gathered by The Malawi Star team shows that the whole amount of cash was being kept at the village bank treausurer’s house because they had no bank account yet.

It is thus believed that another member of the same village bank tipped such thugs on the matter and they later went and stole the whole amount from the treasurer.

“They came on a motorcycle, carrying guns. They found me and other members locked up in a meeting and shot the gun in the air.  They then commanded us to bowdown or risk being shot,” said Amosi Mwase.

He added that after that the thugs demanded them to show where they were keeping the money and with the influence of fear, they just ordered their treasurer to show them.

“They left immediately after getting the money. Thats when we regathered our minds and reported the case to Police,” added Mwase.

Mzuzu Police Publicist Martine Bwanali who confirmed the incident said they have already managed to arrest two members of the village bank in connection with the same crime.

Bwanali said, the Police suspect the pair have links with the thugs who went away with the money.

“They are William Mwamlima, 45 and 36-year old Omali Lamadan. We are suspecting that they were part of the setting up of the crime,” said Bwanali.

He added that they have also managed to find a motorcycle the thugs used in carrying out their unlawful mission.

“We have gathered some evidence in connection with the crime as we also managed to get a bullet they used to scare village bank members that day,” he added.

As the two are freezing in Police custody waiting for investigations, a manhunt has been launched on the three armed robbers who are currently at large.

Meanwhile Police have urged people to bank larger sums of money with commercial banks for maximum safety.

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