PP Apologizes to Malawians

By: Thula Chisamba


Malawi’s former ruling People’s party has apologized to Malawians for being boring with mediocrity currently rocking the party.

Speaking in an interview with The Malawi Star team on Thursday, the party’s Northern region provincial chairman Sherbone Mchizi admitted being childish in making some decisions.

Ngwira: accuse
Ngwira: accused

He further attributed the party’s downfall to some of his colleagues with barbaric mindsets citing they are not that good for the party.

“The rebuilding of this party needs us to show maturity in making some decisions because the more we decide unreasonably the more we drag the party to its death bed,” said Mchizi.

Nonetheless this publication understands that Mchizi was recently behind the firing of six top officials from the Northern Province.

He signed the firing letter on grounds that the fired members were not loyal to some of the party’s principles.

When pressed on the same, Mchizi confessed and apologized to the fired officials citing the decision to fire them was influenced by his childish thinking capacity.

“In fact we have invited them back again after realizing that we made an error in our decision making. They have accepted to come back and everything is fine now,” added Mchizi.

On their part, the fired officials declined to comment on the issue citing they needed more time to confirm anything.

However Mchizi expressed optimism that the reunion will help rebuilding the party in the Northern region.

There have been series of squabbles within the party which resulted into the splitting of the same into two factions.

Mussa: leading PP
Mussa: leading PP

The other faction is against the appointment of Uladi Mussa as the party’s president whilst while the other is endorsing Khumbo Kachali.

This has led into the firing of Christopher Mzomera Ngwira as the party’s Nothern region provincial chairman on grounds of indiscipline.

However Ngwira insists being on the post and as a member of the party’s National Executive Council (NEC).

It is also believed that Ngwira and Khumbo Kachali are hiring thugs to compromise the party.

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  1. Yes, Appologise For Being Boring & Childish! Let All Politicians know this; ” We Don’t Need Childish Thinkers in Malawi!” For Us to Move Forward, We Need Maturity, Both in Political Circles, Religious, Social, etc!

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