No Arrest for Nsanje Mob Justice

By:  Lackson kanyoza

Center for human rights and rehabilitation (CHRR) has described the killings of people found with human bones in Nsanje district as a worrisome development.

Mtambo: gvt should do something
Mtambo: gvt should do something

On March 1st, an angry mob burnt to death seven people who were found with human bones in the area of traditional authority Tengani in the district.

Commenting on the matter, CHRR executive director Timothy Mtambo condemned the killings saying it’s a worrisome development.

“We have learned the brutal killings of people in Nsanje with a great shock. We wonder how do people get courage and kill others in that manner. Its un acceptable and disastrous thing. As CHRR we are very sad to see that this malpractice is still arising in the country and we condemned this,” Mtambo said.

However, he urged government to make a follow up so that people behind the killings are brought to book.

“People should know that mob justice is against the law. It is not even pass the litmus test of the country. It’s sad that people up to now still take laws in their hands. Therefore, I should urge our police to hunt the suspects so that they are punished,” he said.

However, Southern region police spokesperson James Kadadzera told the media that they are failing to recognize faces of the deceases since they were badly burnt.

He added that no one has been arrested but investigation is still underway.

CSOs recently asked government through the ministry of justice and constitutional affairs, ministry of information and the ministry of gender, children and social welfare to come out and strongly condemn the murderer’s.

They further advised government to consider embarking on a robust sensitization campaign of the ills of mob violence.

Last Month, 4 elderly people were also killed by angry mob in chimbalanga village T/A Dambe in Neno district following the sudden death of a 17 year old girl who was stuck by lightening.

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  1. To be found with human bones it means some body has already lost life. These people are worse than gays, who are worse than dogs! As much as mob justice is illegal, but there is no legality with our judicial system.

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