Mutharika Disappoints Again

Mutharika disappoints Nkhata bay chiefs

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Mutharika: more important things to do…

By Thula Chisamba

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has irked some traditional leaders in Nkhata bay for shunning to attend Martyr’s day commemorations in the district.

Information gathered by The Malawi Star team from the Nkhata bay district commissioner Alex Mdowoko as of Wednesday indicated that Mutharika will be represented by finance minister Goodall Gondwe.

This has not pleased traditional authority Kabunduli and Mkumbira of the district who think that government is not respecting the martyrs who died for the freedom of the country.

The chiefs noted with great dismay and recalled that even last year Mutharika shunned the commemorations on unknown grounds.

“We saw him dancing when elevating a Lhomwe chief recently and yet he fails to come and grace the Martyrs’ day commemoration.”

“Was that event more important than this? We still suspect some foul play here. At least we understood him last year but this year we are not happy with his tendency,” said Kabunduli in an interview.

The event is taking place today 3rd March at Nkhata bay secondary school and is wholly centred on applauding the martyrs on the courage portrayed by braving live bullets being fired at them by the British colonialists who were maltreating Malawians.

Most of the martyrs lost their lives and were buried at the memorial place where wreaths of honour are expected to be laid by distinguished guests in the midst of the event.

However, traditional authority Mkumbira say he would have loved it if the country’s president graced the event to show that he really appreciates the good job these martyrs did for Malawi.

“We just don’t know what has impeded him to attend this time. We still believe that his coming would have meant something to the believed families and the country as a whole,” said Mkumbira.

Meanwhile, The Malawi Star has learned that among some notable guests gracing the event are delegates from all the three major opposition political parties, PP, UDF and MCP.

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