Chiefs Have Lost Direction


By Lackson Kanyoza

CCAP Livingstonia synod of  Malawi have condemned chiefs in the northern region for interfering in politics.

Rev. L.N. Nyondo
Rev. L.N. Nyondo

General secretary for Livingstonia synod Revered Nyondo was reacting to calls made by senior chiefs in the northern region for organising a rally in Mzuzu where they slammed the opposition party for calling president peter Mutharika to resign.

The senior chiefs held a press briefing at grand palace hotel in Mzuzu where they warned  that Mutharika’s resignation will not bring imminent change towards the country’s economic and food crisis.

But in reaction to these claims, Nyondo condemned the chiefs saying they have lost direction.

“It’s very unfortunate that chiefs involve themselves in politics. That’s very sad. On this, they have lost direction. If they have been influenced with or by something else  that’s very pathetic. Chiefs should not involve themselves in politics, they need to concentrate on issues concerning their community,” Said Nyondo.

But commenting on Nyondo’s sentiments, senior chief Kaombe quashed the remarks says Chiefs are free to speak on what is right or wrong.

“We are not and have never been influenced either by money or anything else. We stand for the truth. As chiefs, we speak on behalf of our people, so if we say the president should resign who is going to take over the president’s seat. This is a democratic country everyone is free to speak. We stand for our freedom. So as chiefs we thought the decision for the President to resign is not wise thing for this country to do right now,” said Kaombe.

The chiefs have since urged the critics for Mutharika to engage the Malawian leader in a dialogue and not taking the matter to the media calling him to step down.

The recent calls were made by religious grouping under the umbrella body of Public Affairs Commission (PAC) who resolved that it is now time for Mutharika to step down saying that the current crisis haunting the nation is the evidence that his administration has failed.

Meanwhile, some Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are plotting to have a massive protest next week.

Mutharika continues to insist he will not step down, despite the calls for resignation and continued economic collapse.

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