Seven People Burned Alive in Nsanje

By: Andrew Cane Chilapondwa
Police in Nsanje have confirmed that seven people in the district have been burnt to ashes alive by angry villagers after being suspected of carrying human bones.
Nsanje Corpses
Corpses of Dead
The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon in the area of Traditional Authority Tengani in Nsanje district.
According to Officer ­in ­Charge for Nsanje police Kirby Kaonga, mob justice took matters into their own hands after being tipped by villagers that the victims were carrying human bones.
Members of the community received information that the seven suspects who were on their way to Mozambique had in their possession dry human bones.
burned alive 1
Local villager walking away from scene
One of community member walking away from the scene said, “Without alerting the Police, the members of the community followed the information and managed to arrest the suspects who were indeed found with the said dry human bones wrapped in plastic bags.
“When they were heading to police, the angry community started assaulting the suspects and burnt them. When Police arrived to rescue them, the suspects were already burnt.”
The latest mass killings took place weeks after the death of four elderly people in Neno district.
Meanwhile, Police managed have recovered the dry human bones and inquiries are underway to identify the victims.

So far, no arrests have been made.

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