Economic Crisis Fueling Crime

Economic Crisis Fueling Crime

By Bernadettah Kaphwiyo

Psychological experts in the country are attributing the frequent murder and rape cases that are happening in the country at the moment to the economic crisis.

This comment comes after seven people were recently burnt to death in Nsanje for allegedly possessing human bones.

Many have lost their sense of being

According to Chiwoza Bandawe, a psychology expert from Chancellor College, the frequent killings are happening because people are frustrated over the economy and lack of opportunity.

‘When a country’s economy is down, people tend to resort to violence as a way of displaying their hurt and fury,’ he explained.

“Because of what the country is going through; many people have lost their sense of being and they are trying to find a new sense of belonging to redefine themselves.  These people that are resorting to violence do not know how to handle their emotions, so they feel the best way to quench and vent their anger is to hurt or kill someone as a way of releasing the pressure.”

In an interview with The Malawi star, the spokesperson for the National police, Nicholas Gondwa said people are being involved in killings and mob justice deliberately to frustrate the police.

‘People just have to be patient with the law because the courts go through a strict process before making judgements, so resorting to mob justice and killing is not a way to go’, said Gondwa

Gondwa however appealed to the public to adhere to the law rather than to take the law into their own hands.

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