E-Wallet Semifinals on March 5th


By Lackson kanyoza

ewalletThe countdown to who the winner of this year’s grand prize of Nissan Tilda in Malawi’s E-Wallet singing competition is going to reach the climax this Saturday as the show reaches the semi finals.

The show is scheduled to take place at Sunbird Capital in Lilongwe on 5th March.

With only six contestants remaining everyone is eager to know who will be evicted this time.

E-Wallet project manager Anthony Kafuwa said in an interview with this publication that the show will be one of a kind and one contestant will face the chop and Soldier Lucius Banda will perform as the guest artist.

“As organisers, we are ready. The semifinal is finally here and one contestant will be evicted this time.  We have invited Lucius Banda to spice up the show. So you know where there is Lucius the show is always hot. Continue voting for your favourite artist to remain in the competition,” said Kafuwa.

Meanwhile, one of the contestants, “Kellz,” whose real name is Kelvin Zalimba, says he is geared for the show.

“Everything can happen but it’s my dream to win not only the Nissan but also the hearts of the Malawian public. Right now I am busy rehearsing and getting ready for the show,” said the 19 year old who resides in Chilomoni – Blantyre.

The six contestants remaining in the competition includes Shanice Tandwe, Kennedy Burton, Sigele Akimu, Kelvin Zalimba, Eunice Mtambo and Jeremiah Chikhwaza.

The E-wallet season Vl was began last October when 12 contestants made their debuts.

The semifinals show will be beamed live on Zodiak TV.

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