Mzuzu Main Market to Relocate

By: Thula Chisamba

Information gathered by The Malawi Star team show plans from the Mzuzu city council to relocate the city’s main market to Dunduzu in Mzimba.

Mzuzu market relocating
Mzuzu market relocating

On the other hand, the council also intends to relocate the airport to Ekwendeni while improving building standards in the central business district (CBD).

Other plans include improving road networks across the city as one way of making it an investment destination.

Confirming these developments, the city’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Macloud Kadam’manja revealed that the council intends to make the city one of the best by 2030.

“We have lined up many projects indeed as we work towards making this city one of the best in the world so that many local and foreign investors are attracted to come and invest here,” Said Kadam’manja.

Some critics have been trashing the city for being one of the worst planned in the world as evidenced by how buildings and road networks were designed.

In an interview with The Malawi Star, Gregory Banda, an architect based in Mzuzu said the people who planned the city had a limited mind because they did not foresee the city’s growth capacity.

“It is not planned to an adorable standard even if you can examine it with both eyes. Look at how buildings were planned and the road networks. It is really unreasonable to see supermarkets like Shoprite being located near schools and Mzuzu main market,” Observed Banda.

In reaction to the observation, Kadam’manja promised to fix the mess and make the city the best in the world citing competent designers have already been engaged to re-design the city to modern day standard and modern day business.

While this has been said, some residents in the city have also urged the council to also consider improving some locations which are poorly planned as well.

“Places like Zolozolo, Chithira and Ching’ambo are really bad and needs to be included in their plans,” said Evan Mvula, a  Zolozolo resident.

Meanwhile Kadam’manja has promised to transform the city into something beyond human imagination


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