Mutharika Denies Bowing to Pressure; Says Ine Ndilibe Pulobulemu

By: Happy Arnold Soko

Malawi president Peter Mutharika has denied bowing to pressure from opposition political party citing the country is not facing any problems as speculated.

Mutharika; ine ndilibe pulobulemu
Mutharika; ine ndilibe pulobulemu

Mutharika made the sentiments on Saturday during the launch of US$22.5 Masauko Chipembere road in the city of Blantyre.

He said his government has created a vast change in terms of development.

Said the Malawi leader, “I don’t have problems maybe some people have problems. But me and my youth cadet we don’t have any problem.

Reacting to the remarks by opposition party to abolish the Cement Malata subsidy program, Mutharika hinted that he will not sign any agreement to phase out the program.

“There is no reason for a bowing, or acceding to anything what these people are saying. I am not acting on their request,” Said Mutharika.

In an interview with The Malawi Star, Chancellor College Associate professor and head of political and administrative studies Happy kayuni said Mutharika reaction means self defence.

Kayune; Mutharika is counter-attacking
Kayune; Mutharika is counter-attacking

Kayuni added that Mutharika does not want to appear as a failure among his followers and poor Malawians.

He stated, “For him to abandon the Malata Cement subsidy will be a disgrace. He doesn’t want to appear as failure.

“We all know that the program is a flop and more about politics. Mutharika He will not humiliate himself.”

According to Kayuni, the ndilibe pulobulemu remark by Mutharika is counter-attack to his critics.

“What he has said is to counter-attack that he is fine and nothing is wrong with his administration. He is defending himself to the popular especially taking into consideration of the current troubles between government, opposition and disgruntled individuals.

Mutharika administration is facing pressure due to its failure to resolve the current social and economic problem hitting Malawi.

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