Central Region Chiefs Implicates Malawians on Hunger

By Thula Chisamba

Traditional leaders across Malawi’s central region have implicated the general public in the hunger situation which is currently sweeping across the country.

Chiefs defends Mutharika
Chiefs defends Mutharika

Speaking at a press conference which took place on Thursday, 25th February, 2016, traditional leaders  said the hunger situation has come as a punishment from God because most Malawians are Satanists.

They went on to brush aside accusations leveled against the country’s President Peter Mutharika that he is behind the problems which are tormenting the country citing such problems will be  perennial unless Malawians repent.

“All the problems that we are facing are results of our own attachment to Satanism.  If we can only repent then things will improve. It is unreasonable to point a finger at President Mutharika as the father of such crisis.” said Chief Gogo Chanza.

Another chief from Salima branded Malawians unwise for waiting on government to bring food on their table citing even in America that can never happen.

He said another reason for such crisis is the general laziness of Malawians who do not utilize on the rich resources that the country has in order to produce more food.

“We must learn to be hard working in our gardens if we want to deal with hunger, otherwise the problem may live on even if we can topple Mutharika.” he said.

Most chiefs that contributed to the conference emphasized that solutions to the current social and economic woes eating the country does not include removing Mutharika on his post but concerted efforts.

They recalled problems of hunger beginning in the times of Kamuzu’s rule when they said people had to survive on rotten imported maize.

They added that Mutharika must never be a victim because the same crisis is happening under his leadership.
“When the ship is sinking, we don’t leave the entire responsibility of saving it in the hands of the captain only, even those of us who think that we have the knowledge on how we can save Malawians can always come forward. Let’s stop these blame games.” said Chief Tsabango.

The traditional leaders also urged members of the media and opposition politicians to help government with tangible solutions in eradicating the crisis.



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