Update: Lucius to Spice up Wailing Brothers Album Launch

BY: Lackson Kanyoza

Malawi music icon Lucius Banda is expected to spice up the Wailing brothers’ first album launch at Robins Park this evening.

Banda; to spice the show
Banda; to spice the show

According to the list of the supporting artists, the legendary musician will share the stage with other musicians like Toza Matafale, Moda Fumulani, Queenfyah and the Black Syndicate.

Surprisingly, the Black Missionaries Band is missing on the list which exacerbate that the two groups have split apart.

Ma Blacks; missing the show
Ma Blacks; missing the show

However, the wailing brothers which comprises of Empraim chimombo, innocent kalonga, Harlod kainja, chikumbutso, Gift, Marco, paul and frontman Takudziwani chokani, are expected to give it all during the launch.

“Everything is set and we are more than ready to entertain our fans tonight. This is our first album but we mean business. Every fan should expect a massive show at Robins Park,” said Chokani.

The group seized to be members of the Black Missionaries some weeks ago. Songs like Mwatero ndinu, Baba and Dzuka are expected to be the main hits of the day


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