Malawi – Time to Pray not Play

By Brian Culwell

jesus in creation
The Lord’s hands are outstretched, waiting to step in…

As one of the Lord’s prophets, I have been amazed recently at the number of people that are entranced and drawn away by every person claiming to hear from God.

In Malawi, where people are desperate for basic necessities such as food, shelter and education, anyone who claims to see gold dust, capture pictures of the dead or any other non-Biblical nonsense will draw a crowd, but one who simply speaks the truth of the Lord is paid no attention.

Malawi is in a critical phase right now because it’s just approaching the edge of a cliff in terms of politics, finances and Godly standards, and which course the nation takes will determine whether it falls over the cliff or turns around and avoids the collapse ahead.

One of the things that is always present during times of desperation is the hope that “someone” will fix the problem.  When we’re hungry, we just want someone to give us something to eat.  When we’re naked, we just want someone to give us clothing, and when our basic rights as humans are being trampled upon, we just want someone to rescue us.

The problem with all of these things is that Jesus specifically told us in Matthew 6 that we were NOT to chase after these things.  He knows what we need.  He knows how to get it to us.  Our biggest problem is…US!

If we would stop begging God and start believing God, things would change.

What kind of Father would allow His children to starve, and yet there are people starving every day when God the Father wants nothing more than to take care of them.  Again, the problem is us.  We are not living in the promises and provision that the Lord already gave us.  He never told us to donate money to these “men of God” so they could tell us the future and make us feel good about ourselves.  We are told to pray and seek God’s face.  The Lord is looking for a relationship with each and every one of us.  It’s the very reason He sacrificed His only Son for us.

If we would only seek God’s heart and learn to die to ourselves and our lusts and to pursue Him and His love, things would change.  We would no longer be praying and asking God for anything, instead we would find that we just enjoy spending time with Him, exactly as Adam and Even did in the garden.

As a nation, Malawi has to remember its God-fearing roots and return to them.  God is willing to pour out a blessing upon the nation of Malawi – so large that it can’t be contained, but He can’t because of the unrighteousness.  When everyone from the local official to the top official is mired in corruption and when women and children are abused, and when false prophets rule the land and the hearts of the people, where does God fit in?

If Malawians would only realize how much the Lord loves them and would spend time in prayer seeking His face, not asking Him for anything other than to get to know Him better, than just as any good Father, He would begin to pour out everything that His children need.

The Body of Christ has a responsibility to teach this and so I’m calling on all the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to set the example.  Stop taking the last kwacha from the souls entrusted to you and begin to encourage them to follow your example in prayer and humility before the Lord of Heaven and Earth and see if things don’t change before you even know what’s happened.

Stop fighting about who’s in power in this world and focus you attention on the One who created the worlds.  He’s infinitely more powerful and infinitely more able and willing to meet every one of your needs.

It’s time that the Body of Christ rose up and became the shining example that God designed it to be.

I can’t capture photos of you with my iPad, but I can tell you that I sense the urgency in my Spirit for Malawi and the rest of the world.  God is shaking us and he wants us to wake up from our slumber before it’s too late.

How about you: are you still sleeping?


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