Paramount Chief Kyungu labelled hypocrite for backing Mutharika

By: Thula Chisamba

Social and Political commentator from Mzuzu University Chrispine Mphande has labelled Paramount Chief Kyungu of Karonga a hypocrite for backing Malawi’s under fire President Peter Mutharika and his DPP led government.

Chrispine Mphande

Mphande; Kyungu is a hypocrite

Last week, Public Affairs Committee (PAC) had a meeting in Blantyre where they demanded for the resignation of Mutharika within the next 30 days for failing to solve the country’s economic and hunger crisis.

Kyungu was in forefront defending the under fire leader saying calls to have Mutharika impeached will worsen the situation in the country.

“As chiefs, we are not in support of the idea to have the President impeached. The country has challenges yes, but they are not there because of Mutharika. We experienced floods last year which has led to the current hunger situation, is it fair to blame him? Not at all so having him removed won’t solve the problems but it will just worsen the situation,” he said.

But commenting on the remarks made by the Karonga based chief, Mphande said prominent chiefs like Kyungu should refrain from being bought and used by government to champion somebody’s political interest.

“I think it’s not proper for chiefs of Kyungu’s calibre to show their colours because that way, they may easily contribute to the decline of this country,” he said.

The Malawi Star has learnt that government agents are busy bribing chiefs for support after noticing that it `has lost people’s trust due to the hardships being faced by Malawians.

“Do you remember the meeting between Senior Chief Ngolongoliwa and chiefs across Malawi? That meeting was arranged by government in order to buy them,” disclosed the source who opted for anonymity.


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