Malawian Rastafarian Group Wants Leader out

By: Thula Chisamba

Members of Malawian Rastafarian believers have demanded for the resignation of their leader Ras Ray Harawa, who has been accused of poor leadership skills.

Harawa urged to step down

According to information made available to The Malawi Star, some members  have formed a pressure group which is advocating for the removal of their leader.

Harawa is being accused of corruption and regionalism which, according to the members, has weakened the Rastafarian religion in the country.

One of the concerned members Ras Bulukutu confirmed the development saying the breakaway group is not regretting over the decision to have Harawa removed from his seat.

“There is nothing to regret because group members have completely lost trust in their leader. When making decisions, he always sidelines us to the extent of not taking our contributions into consideration and we can’t work with such a leader,” said Bulukutu.

Sources have also confided with this publication that two Nyabingi houses from Mzimba district have seized to be members of the group. It has also been revealed that group members from Mzuzu and Blantyre will follow suit in the upcoming days if Harawa stays put.

The majority of Rastafarians are not in good terms with their leader whom they have described as a self centred man who has no time to listen to other people’s ideas.

On his part, Harawa said he was not aware of the developments.


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