DPP blocks Peoples Party rally

By: Happy Arnold Soko

Despite the consent from city council, opposition Peoples Party (PP) on Sunday was blocked from conducting a political rally at Masitha ground in Lilongwe.

Malawi police in full control of the area

The function was temporarily suspended after the Malawi Police Service (MPS) forced members of PP to leave the premises.

PP spokesperson Ken Msonda confirmed the development.

Speaking to The Malawi Star, Msonda said the police blocked the function with the order from ruling Democratic Party (DPP).

He stated, “This morning they were trying to block us from using the ground. We were told that DPP also wants to use the ground. We have discussed with them and everything is stable now. PP will use the ground and the function is about to start,”

Meanwhile, opposition lawmakers say they are determined to address various issues concerning the country.

The session resumed successfully but with strict supervision of the police.

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