Mutharika faults Malawians, “I am not God”

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…civil servant sabotaging Mutharika

The Malawi leader Peter Mutharika has described the attack on his government and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as useless and coming from people who are not patriotic to Malawians.

Ngogoliwa left; elevated to senior chief

Mutharika was referring to the recent attacks by commentators and opposition party. He stated that the hunger hitting the country is due climatic change and not his ruling government.

The Malawi leader made the remarks on Saturday during the elevation ceremony of Traditional Authority Ngongolowa to Senior Chief held in Thyolo.

“It’s not me who has made the rains not to come but God. Every week they attack me in the newspaper that I have caused various problems in the country. Some reporters say I am the one causing the fire that guts down our markets and industries.   They say I should find means of eradicating these fires, is that sensible,?  questioned Mutharika.

Added the Malawi leader, “How can I know from Nsanje to Chitipa that this time fire will gut down this or that and I should stop it.

Mutharika said many opposition party oppose his government for the seek of opposing.

According to Mutharika, Malawians do not love their country that’s why the country has failed to develop.

He cited, “the problem Malawi is facing should be solved by all of us and its affecting everyone. Be local Malawians, politicians, civil society and religious leaders. Let’s love one another; attacking me will solve nothing in this country.”

He added that putting the blame on him will not solve the country’s problems.  Mutharika urged opposition party to have sanity for the development of Malawi.

However speaking during the 5th  stakeholders meeting conducted by Public Affairs Committee (PAC), Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson Jessie Kabwila said the ruling DPP should swallow its pride and accept that the country is facing a lot of challenges. Kabwila sensitized Mutharika to fire ministers reported to have been negligent on national matters.


Jessie Kabwila
Kabwila; useless ministers should be fired

“We have had enough from DPP and Malawians we feel time has come to take action, you know we inflated this tube and we will deflate it soon,” explained   Kabwila.

But People’s Party (PP) legislator Kamlepo Kalua gave Mutharika an ultimatum of 30 days. Kalua said Mutharika has failed the country and, therefore, he has to   resign.

In his remarks, DPP Regional Governor for the South Charles Mchacha said some opposition party have formed committees to sabotage Mutharika.

Charles Mchacha
Mchacha; we will soon reveal them

Mchacha, a Member of Parliament for Thyolo South stressed that he is also aware of civil servants working with the opposition and are blocking the implementation of DPP policies.

He hinted that he will be revealing them soon for the local people to know.



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  1. Munthalika and his children mchacha and his friends must be careful wen handling matters of national interest kodi amaganiza kuti they can play with our brains ife sindife ma professor tu but God has blessed us with wisdom kuposaso iyeyo ,zotsatila za kuba ndi zimenezi apa mukungokuwakuwa vitsilu inu,mchacha kaya ukufuna udindo panga zomwezo ku dpp konko ngati ukuwadziwa kumene kumakhala petulo yo sumakuziwa kuti ukamuuze ,nde bodzalo kufuna utchuke basi mufuse nzako kondwani akuuza kuti zidandikhalila

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