Government Headed by “Rotten Fish?”

By: Happy Arnold Soko

The Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) has blamed the government for failure to consider various solutions provided by the private sector to end the current country’s situation.

Addressing the delegates in Blantyre on Wednesday during a two-day Public Affairs Committee (Pac) 5th All-inclusive Stakeholders Conference, MCCCI Chief Executive Officer, Chancellor Kaferapanjira said the current administration is being head by a “rotten fish.”

Kaferapanjira, “headed by rotten fish”

“I know there has been a talk for all of us to take responsibility, yes, but there should be a leader. The fish rots from the head. If the head is rotten it affects the whole fish and because the government is the head that is rotten obviously the whole system becomes rotten,” Kaferapanjira said.

According to Kaferapanjira, the economy in the country has been characterized by a number of challenges.

He added that as the private sector, they are mandated to provide essential solutions.

“When you are in such a situation, you expect the government to deliver and when it is not delivering we can blame it. We can only provide suggestions but the government is responsible for the provision of favorable environment,” he explained while adding that failure to pay private sector arrears are symptoms of government in distress.

blessings chinsinga
Chinsinga, “country ruled by accidental presidents”

Meanwhile Chancellor College Political commentator Blessings Chinsinga, has said the socio- economic challenges that the country is passing through are a result of being ruled by “accidental presidents” since 1994.

Chinsinga said the country is currently paying the cost of poor transition from one party to multiparty era. He cited that Malawians moved out of one party era without thinking about the system to replace it.

“If somebody wants to become president of a country, it must be a lifetime plan. Not just waking up one day and you become president. In the end they have nothing to offer because they do not have any plan on how to move out of the challenges that the country is experiencing,” Chinsinga said.

Currently, the country has been hit by high inflation rates, currency depreciation hitting businesses, and high interest rates discouraging borrowing.

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  1. I agree with mr kafelapanjila and mr chinsinga but on the other hand some of the problems are man made n every1 is 2 blame 4 example eratic rainfall caused by careless cutting down of trees over population the same has also affected power supply hence affecting industrial production. The other cause also is a lack of nation vision hence we lack direction our leaders are using a try and error system which we dont need.

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