Floods Sweep Away Crops in Mzimba

By Thula Chisamba

Flash floods have swept away about 124 hectares of crops in Malawi’s northern region district of Mzimba, The MalawiStar has learned.

Information gathered shows that the most affected areas are within Traditional Authority Jalavikuwo in the northern part of the district.

It is understood that lately, people have been experiencing heavy downpours which led to the flooding of Kasito river.

“All our crops are gone and we are now scared of the possible hunger next year,” said Inkosi Jalavikuwo.

Agness Nyalonje suggests irigation instead

In her reaction to the tragedy, member of parliament for Mzimba north Agness Nyalonje suggested irrigation farming as an alternative.

She said government must provide all equipment required for the type of farming in her constituency in a bid to prevent possible hunger.
“People are not lazy in my area thus with this tragedy, I urge government to provide us with resources required for irrigation farming,” she said.

A similar incident has left people destitute in Karonga.

Many people there are hopeless and worried because they have lost their crops: a thing which likely exposes them to intense hunger next year.

“We received relief items from well wishers as a result of the floods that have swept away our crops, but we are still worried of the possible hunger next year,” said Alex Mwamlima, a victim of the same floods.

When contacted for comment on how the government has prepared itself in a battle against food insecurity next year due to such catastrophes, Minister of Agriculture Allan Chiyembekeza maintained that farmers will be encouraged to practice irrigation farming.

He said, much as government is aware that such floods foretells hunger of next year, his ministry has set aside various ways to make sure no Malawian dies of hunger.

“I still believe irrigation farming may be another way of making our country food secured. My ministry is working round the clock to find means of how we can provide resources required for the same,” he said.

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