Bicycle taxi operators threaten Police

By: Thula Chisamba

Bicycle taxi operators plying their trade in Mzuzu city, Northern Malawi, have threatened to go to war with the Malawi Police Service after they were chased in the central business district (CBD).

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Malawi police; threatened

Chairman of the grouping Ackim Mhango told The Malawi Star on Sunday they were contemplating to confront the Police in a bid to resume operating in the city.

“We will never stop operating in Kabaza in town because that is the where most customers need our services most. If they want war, we are ready to sacrifice ourselves for that,” Mhango said.

He said the decision by the Mzuzu city council was unreasonable because it would affect their economic development.

He claimed that the council had many pressing issues to handle than chasing the Kabaza operators.

Kabaza tax on stand still in Mzuzu

Commenting on claims that Kabaza men are being chased from the CBD because they are behind rampant road accidents in the city, Mhango brushed that aside.

“Chisomo Chibwana [Traffic official] already disagreed with that in a certain interview with a local radio, so where are they getting the statistics if the road traffic argues with them? They must try to be serious for once,” he said.

Northern region Police publicist Maurice Chapola told this paper that the Police would not relent chasing them from the CBD because they pose a threat to security in the city among others.

“We are the law enforcers and by chasing them, we are enforcing the bylaws made by the Mzuzu city council which bar them from plying their trade in town,” he said.

He declined to comment on the threats by the Kabaza men of going to war with the Police over the standoff.


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