Poor eating habits can cause diabetes

By Thula Chisamba

Malawians have been warned to change eating and drinking habits on grounds that some foods and substances make them prone to chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Executive director of Journalist Against Aids (Journaaids) Christopher Bauti said in an interview with The Malawi star.

blood sugar testing

Bauti maintained that with the coming in of some spices and very juicy foods, cases of people suffering of diabetes and BP are fast becoming rampant in the country.

“People must change and avoid some foods which expose them to such chronical diseases. We are shocked to realize that cases of these diseases are rising in the country,” he said.

Historically, these two diseases were said to be associated with wealthy people only but Bauti said it was a misconception as poor people are also at risk.

“That’s false, not only rich people are at risk. Even poor people can be affected if not careful in choosing their diet,” he added.

The Malawi star understands that in most health centers cases of such kind are really at rampant. A visit at the Mzuzu central hospital recently found people overcrowded to access medical attention on their diabetes and BP.
However, despite the rise in such cases, there are no enough equipment to be used in testing such patients neither are there enough drugs to be given to them.

“Government and other stakeholders must consider coming in to sort out such challenges to help such people,” said Bauti.

This publication has been informed that the Journalist against aids will soon roll out a program that will intend to make people aware of how they can prevent such diseases.

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