Floods Displace Hundreds in Karonga

Floods displace hundreds in Karonga

By Thula Chisamba

Heavy flash floods have displaced hundreds of Malawians in the northern region district of Karonga amid heavy down pours which are currently being experienced in the district.

Gathered information as of Tuesday, February 09, 2016 showed that most people found refuge in churches across the district.

The most affected people were those from the areas of traditional authority Mwanganda and some surrounding areas.

Malawi-star can establish that schools in these areas have suspended classes due to the same disaster which has left some classrooms misshapen.

At Lukuru Primary school, pupils have been told to stop reporting for classes until the situation normalizes in due course.

“We have been told not to go to school until the situation normalizes because our classrooms have been damaged by the floods,” said Alex Mughogho, a pupil at the school.

When we were writing this, authorities from the district council were still compiling the total causalities which have been caused by the disaster. No one has since been confirmed dead due to the incident.

The department of metrological services recently projected that some parts of the country will be affected by such floods and warned people living in disaster prone areas to relocate to upland areas.

Last year, Malawi president Peter Mutharika declared the country a disaster area following floods which led to the deaths of hundreds of people and displaced many.

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