Crocodiles Kill a Woman in Lake Malawi

Crocodiles kill a woman in lake Malawi

By Thula Chisamba

Tearful atmosphere engulfed the area of traditional authority Fukamapiri in Malawi’s northern region district of Nkhata-bay where crocodiles killed a woman who went to swim in Lake Malawi.

Malawistar understands that the woman had the tendency of going to the lake to swim and on this day fateful day she did a usual.

While at the lake, abruptly crocodiles submerge her into the deep waters where they killed her and consumed some parts of her body.

“We were dumbfounded to learn that she wasn’t coming home thus we launched a manhunt on her. In the midst of our searching, we found her head floating in the lake,” said Daniel Kamanga, her close relative.

He added that after noting this, they reported to Police who came in company of some medics who conducted postmortem on her remaining body parts.

Police publicist for the district, Sergeant Ignatius Esau who confirmed the tragedy identified the deceased woman as Emily Theu.

He went on to caution people to be careful when swimming in the lake because some places are really infested with crocodiles.

Postmortem results seen by this publication shows that the woman died because she was crumbled apart by the beast.

She hailed from traditional authority Fukamapiri in Nkhatabay district. This is the third related case in a space of two months as recently the same beasts crumbled two men consecutively.

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