More Kalibu Abuse

More Kalibu Academy abuse Victims tell their stories

…Pastors are engaging in witchcraft

…Headmaster Paisley Mavutula accused of beinrevealed as womanizer

…Additional reports of physical beatings

As we continue to investigate the homosexual, physical and verbal abuse at Kalibu Academy, former employee who has asked for anonymity has claimed that the School Headmaster Paisley Mavutula slept with his wife and brutally beat him on more than one occasion.

The employee told Malawi24 Investigative Journalists that he was sent to Chichiri  prison for some wrongdoing and Mavutula and Michael Howard promised to take care of the employee’s wife.  Instead, when she presented herself at Kalibu, Mavutula forced her to have sex with him in order to receive financial support. When employee was released and his wife confessed to him, he confronted Mavutula who beat him with a rubber hose and then threatened to have him sent back to prison. The victim was fired from Kalibu Academy by Paisley for rebuking him of having sex with his wife. By that time, Mavutula was also sleeping with  the victim’s landlady.

Some of the victims talking to Malawi24 investigative. ( No pictures of them could be taken).

Says the victim, “When I was in prison my wife used to go to Kalibu to get assistance as promised by Michael Thomas Howard.  Paisley Mavutula took advantage of this and forced my wife to sleep with him.”

Kalibu, which claims to be a Christian run institution, has also been exposed as practicing witchcraft.  The tendency of beating desks, clapping hands and shouting loud when praying have been reported by several eyewitnesses.  There is mandatory forced prayer each morning and Headmaster Paisley Mavutula forces everyone to “pray in tongues.”  When they don’t, the consequences are physical beatings.  He says that this type of praying is the “spirit moving around.”  When anyone tries to pray sincerely to the Lord, Mavutula calls them out and tells them to “stop spiritualizing yourself.”

Whenever an employee gets fired, Michael Howard and Paisley Mavutula engage in further witchcraft by forcing other staff members to pray for that ex employee to die wherever he goes.

Some of those that this witchcraft were prayed against for their death are Paul Kantima, for revealing that Michael Howard is gay and Kabowo for removing his wife from Kalibu when she was pastoring there.

Our source, like many other pastors, was receiving financial support from donors in America, but Kalibu was keeping most of the money that they were sent and only giving a small part to the pastors.  He recounts one donor who gave $100 USD to Kalibu for him, but what he received was only MK1500.  The rest was stolen by Kalibu.

Paisley Mavutula

The victimised employee survived with only minor scars on his body, received from being beaten by both Paisley Mavutula and Michael Howard with a rubber hose pipe.  He said Howard also has a red and black “rod” that he brought back from Zambia, which is used in beatings as well.

“Every black person at Kalibu is beaten and Howard calls us “creatures, monkeys and headless chickens. Every Man he has had sex with with has been given money and sent outside the country so that later he does not reveal,” he told our reporter.

According to one Pastor who worked for the academy but did not want to be mentioned either, he met Michael Howard long before he built the magnificent Kalibu Academy, and was working with one milling company in Blantyre for maize flour…and when the company was sold, then he started looking for greener pastures and ventured into the ministry known today as Kalibu Kwa Yesu Ministries.

“During those years he was visiting all those places with my elder brother, who is now deceased. When my brother  asked Michael about his marriage he would simply say he lost his wife and has no interest in women, only in God. Despite claiming to be a man of God, he is a cruel person. Beating his junior Pastors was not news at all.”

“He would ask four people to hold one person both arms and legs and then Michael would hold a hose pipe and start hitting on the back of the offender.  He could do anything to his juniors, though the sodomy I guess would be done in secrecy.  He was always spending time with men in his room at odd hours in the name of discussions,” recalls the pastor.

Kalibu Academy student Lughano Ghambi, who is currently in university, reports that when he was at Kalibu in form 5, he and two of his other friends, Wanga Mavumbe and Khumbo Kawonga were called outside the main hall right before morning assembly. They were told to get searched by Mrs Chivongozi and told they were accused of having a cell phone.

Explained Ghambi, “They searched all three of us but nothing was found. We where then told to go to the main gate and wait for further instructions. As a couple of hours passed by and everyone was in class, the Headmaster Mr Mavutula came up and started to interrogate us. He threatened he would beat us until we handed over the phone which they didn’t find while searching us. The afternoon passed while still on the main gate.  When evening came, Mr Mavutula came again and told us we would sleep outside at the gate if the phone was not found. We took this as an empty threat and when it was 9pm we still found ourselves at the gate.”

“When Mavutula left his office, he ordered the guards that they shouldn’t let us go anywhere but stay at the gate until morning.  At around midnight they brought us two bed sheets to use, and so we spent the night in May, 2013 outside.  We could do nothing, so we slept on the grass until morning and actually woke up when the workers were flocking in the gates making noise.”

“They took us to the hostel to have a quick breakfast and back to the gate. The second day was actually the day Wanga Mavumbe was starting to write his biology paper for IGCSE, but had spent the night on the gate without studying. They took him to write the paper and left the other two of us at the gate.”

“At around 4pm, the Headmaster called us and told us we would get expelled as they still wanted the phone that they didn’t find while searching us. Later that day he told us to go and he should never see us at the administration block again,” added Ghambi.

Other victims of abuse have told Malawi24 that they have similar stories, but are afraid to come forward publicly because Paisley Mavutula will bribe local police officials and have them arrested for telling.

As we continue to dig deeper into this secrecy, we will continue to report the latest news and developments.

If you are a victim of abuse at Kalibu, we urge you to contact us at:


Edited by: Brian Culwell


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