Kaliyeka Ward Residents Vows to Vote Again Their Councilor Richard Banda

By Alfred Mthandizi

Residents of Kaliyeka Ward in the Lilongwe City South East constituency on Sunday vowed to return their Councilor for the next five-year term in office following tremendous development which Councilor Richard Banda has shown in his area. 

Group of people who gathered during Commission of some foot Bridges in the area told our reporters that come rain come or shine, Banda needs another term in office to continue the development which he has just started in his first term in office. 

Group Village Headmen, block leaders, and local residents said before his coming into office people have been experiencing a lot of challenges such as portable water, and lack of basic to things like Bridges. “I remember losing some children because of this lack of Bridges thanks to Mr. Banda,” said One Chief, Kamwendo. 

Another Chief said even during the Masaf programs he is able to administer the program well without favoring any individual. Banda said his passion has been to serve people all the time even before he took over office. “I remember I could even come here and help people from their problems even when I was just without any position,” said Banda. 

Banda said he is ready to serve the community if he can be given another mandate in 2019. Banda has already built six Bridges while in office as a Ward Councilor.

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