Poverty Deepens in As Malawi Pupils Writes Exams While on The Floor

By Alfred Mthandizi 

Pictures of Malawian pupils who are writing primary school leaving certification exams have gone viral depicting learners seating on the floor. The pictures have exposed how deep is shortage of teaching and learning materials in Malawi schools.

It is alleged that 1,200 college students went to meet a head of state of a Southern Africa country popularly known as Flames. It is alleged that each got K20,000 ($28 at today’s rate) K24m ($33,335) was splashed out. This does not include beer and other gifts splashed at the event. 

A few days after the event, primary school students were about to start writing exams. Unfortunately, most of them would be writing their exams under the worst conditions you could imagine as in the picture below.

A desk nowadays costs on average K30,000 ($42) each. If that money was spent on desks, more than 800 desks would have been bought and a girl in the picture would have been able to write her exams on it. It is alleged that the president of that country is very educated and of a good heart. It is alleged that it is his advisors who are always misleading him.

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