Chakwera Storms Blantyre, the Former Ruling DPP Stronghold

By Alfred Mthandizi

The situation was totally different this time in the commercial City Blantyre which all along has been regarded as home and bedroom of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). There were people lined up from the rural areas of Blantyre like Lunzu, Lirangwe to the urban populous of Chilimba Mbayani when the leader of opposition who is also President of the Malawi Congress Party was making his entry into the city. 

Chakwera flanked by Lowershire political giant Sidik Mia and national party senior national executive members waved members in all the directions and while at Lunzu, Chakwera addressed the crowd assuring them of change in economic policies once voted in 2019. Chakwera said it was sad that Malawians are currently undergoing difficult times under the current regime of DPP. MCP has become so popular because of economic situation that Malawi is experiencing. Political commentators and various opinion polls have suggested that MCP might win the 2019 general elections. 

Speaking during MCP dinner and dance Opposition Leader and Malawi Congress Party President, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera cautioned the ruling Democratic Progressive Party to put their hands off and stop taking Malawi as a prostitute. “Our country is not a prostitute for them to use for their own pleasure and dispose of as they see fit. We are Malawians, and our country is not for sale. Our vote is not for sale. Our rights as bonafide citizens are not for sale. Our future is not for sale. Our government offices are not for sale. We are not looking for any favors. We are not interested in any saviors.” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said;

“We do not want them to promise us that this time things will be different. We do not want to hear their pleas for another chance to clothe our Mother Malawi will dignity after they themselves have stripped her and raped her in front of us. We want them out so that we can rebuild the country ourselves. Whatever needs changing in our country, we will do it ourselves. Whatever needs fixing in our government, we will do it ourselves.” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said the dinner dance has been organized to bring together and share conviction that the change Malawi want to see in the country and the way they governed will not be given on a silver platter. “It must be created by us. Those in whose hands power has been placed for the past four years have been tested and have been found wanting. They have been weighed in the scales, and they have been exposed as empty. So whatever it is they now claim they can offer us after four years of broken promises, we don’t want it.” said Chakwera amid ululations and hand clapping.

Chakwera urged Malawians to reject any form of manifesto how sweet may be. “If they come to us with a beautiful manifesto, we don’t want it. If they come to us with a beautiful promise, we don’t want it. If they come to us with a long academic resume, we don’t want it. If they come to us with the idea that we should vote by tribe or region, we don’t want it. If they come to us with a handout, we don’t want it. If they come to us with an attack on our character, we don’t want it. If they come to us with agents of discord to disturb and divide us as a party, we don’t want it. If they come to us with a foundation stone, we don’t want it. If they come to us with cash gifts stolen from our own taxes, we don’t want it.” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said MCP will champion the work of rebuilding this country because DPP has failed. “We will do it ourselves and we will do it together, Malawians from North to South, Malawians in the diaspora, Malawians in the city, and Malawians in the village. We will scour the world for Malawians of good will, of good character, and of good ideas and bring them together to fix what these thieves have destroyed. We will come together and overhaul the whole state machinery so that it serves the people, not the president. We will change the way government is run so that officers of the state work in fear of the people, not in fear of the ruling party. We are tired of waiting for others to make things right. We will do it ourselves and we will do it together.” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said Malawians are tired of living in their own country without receiving services funded by their own taxes and that they are also tired of living in their own country without being able to change their own laws let alone owning their own business. 

In his conclusion, Chakwera made a strong appeal to Malawians to reject DPP even if comes with juicy promises saying Malawians are starving in deep poverty. 

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