Youth NGO Feel Sidelined by Political Parties

By Alfred Mthandizi

Centre for Young Leaders in Africa has bemoaned continued monopolization of key decision making positions. Young Leaders Chairperson, Charles Mkozomba was speaking in Lilongwe during a media briefing. Mkozomba said most youths are being used as entertainers and not those in decision making. “This is not right; young people consists of more than 60 % of our population,” said Mkozomba. 

Mkozomba said there is a need for political parties to ensure that parties develop manifestoes which are youth friendly. “The challenge is that we have not engaged the political parties so that they are able to level playing fields in order to allow young people have chance to stand and win in the polls,” said Mkozomba. 

Mkozomba said he hopes that political parties will now understand importance of having youths within their political parties. Mkozomba said the organization is now building capacity for young leaders so that they are able to understand these issues. 

Meanwhile CYLA has called for parliament to pass the law which bars dishing of handouts. CYLA said the law will help to ensure that the grounds are well leveled for all of the candidates.