Exposure of How Foreigners Acquire Illegal Passports and TRP in Malawi

By Alfred Mthandizi

Malawi has become a safe haven for businesses such as the importation of foreigners. Foreigners from Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia, Pakistan and India have acquired relevant papers such as Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) illegally or without following proper procedures. Evidence in our possession indicates that some foreigners have established themselves as middlemen brokering the deals.

These foreigners pay as much as USD14, 500 to buy their freedom in Malawi. According to the information that we have, this money is shared among immigration officers. One of the people caught in such a business is Mr. Shorkat Shazard, a Pakistanis who came to Malawi 2006. Shazard got married to 18 year old Malawian young girl who helped him build his wealth not only in Malawi, but also neighboring countries. She worked hard for their family, but Shazard abused her repeatedly until she ended the marriage fearing his barbaric acts would have caused permanent damage.

Shazard became business tycoon, but he later started using his millions to abuse those close to him such as his employees. He acquired his Malawian passport and as his businesses grew, the man became more powerful and corrupt. He certified himself as an agent, he begun to import other Pakistanis illegally. After their arrival, he then processed dubious work permits even PRPs and others transferred to other countries like RSA, Zambia and Mozambique.

Sources whom we have been interviewing have been telling us that Shazard uses fake company names and some forgeries to make his plans work. Shorkat Shazard is believed to have a strong hand in fueling up corruption because all his illegal acts are involving many government officials especially the Lilongwe Immigration bosses. “The tycoon openly boosts himself by claiming that he has bought everyone in the Government system including the immigration senior officials.”

Shazard deports fellow Pakistanis if they try to move on without him or claiming for their salaries because he does not want them to quit working for him. Just recently, on 5th December, 2017 Shazard ordered the deportation of Mr. Mukhtar who cancelled work permit with Shazard in the name of marriage. Shazard was not happy with the cancellation instead, senior immigration officials sent back Mukhtar.

Mukhtar was taken at night of 4th December by the 2 immigration officers claiming to have had been sent by Kankhande to pick him for immigration clearances and then he was deported. One person who fell victim to Shazard told us; “Government, NGOs, Immigration, Home Affairs, ACB it’s high time you should step up and do the needful because these kind of people are abusing employees, our women, and fueling up corruption in this country. We respect the job you do for the country but Keep open up your eyes to avoid such conducts to happen. Follow up this guy and see what empowers him to insult the Malawi national this way. Enquire why this guy is underestimating authorities and most of all, why does he possess fake documents and company names even importing other Pakistanis illegally?

This country belongs to Malawians it just a matter of fairness to harmonize the foreigners peacefully because we believe in peace so if they continue fueling up corruption as well as abusing nationals, their days are numbered.” said our source. In an interview Shazard said he is not aware of the reports that he is involved in importation of foreigners. “I have been a businessman since I came in Malawi and have never involved in any shady deals.” said Shazard.

Central region Immigration chief Mr. Nelson Kankhande said he has just arrived in the region so he is not aware of the syndicate. Formerly acting President for the former ruling People’s Party (PP) Uladi Mussa who is also known as “chenjigolo” in political circles and three other top officers in the Ministry of Home Affairs are already facing similar charges and are currently on Police Bail.

It is believed that Mussa violated his ministerial powers as well as the Malawi Constitution in granting the country’s citizenship to over 50 foreigners. The concerned foreigners include Tanzanians, Burundians, and Indians among others. Further reports indicate that some foreigners have already confessed. But the future of the case remains unknown since Mussa has now aligned himself with the ruling Party.

As we are writing this story further information indicate that foreigners have dominated almost every sector of the Malawi economy while acquiring huge land and possess all documentation. From here we will reveal other details to the deal.

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