Thirty Police Officers Intimidate Joe Mulli, Brother to Businessman Leston Mulli

By Alfred Mthandizi

Joe Mulli, the brother to business magnet Leston Mulli, has complained that Police harassed his family when over thirty police from the Anti Motor Vehicle Theft Unit contingency led by Ms. Nyirongo descended on his residence, looking for his official vehicle. The police confiscated his state of the art D 4 D Toyota Hilux Single Cab.

Mr. Joe Mulli has been using the car Registration number BR 8251 for the past three years. Joe Mulli has been using the vehicle in his capacity as a senior official in the Mulli Brothers Company responsible for National Bus Service.

In a telephone interview from Blantyre Joe Mulli confirmed that indeed the large Police contingency took his official vehicle saying he is not aware of reasons why his official vehicle has been taken.
“I am not happy over the way how Police have treated me on this issue. At first they came 15 and during the second invasion they were over thirty this is not good to my children and me, they are currently very frightened emotionally,” said Mulli.

Mulli said he is currently meeting the Anti-Motor Vehicle Theft Regional Commissioner who is the in charge where he wants to understand the real issue behind this. However other sources told our reporter that there has been cold blood between Leston and Joe Mulli.

“There has been cold blood between the two and reasons are not known but I think Leston could have done better on this issue rather than sending that large contingent of police officers,” said our source.

In an interview, Southern Region Police Publicist Ramsy Mshani asked for more time while Leston Mulli phone could not be reached.



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