Livingstonia Synod is Commended for Recognizing Government’s Efforts on Development

By Alfred Mthandizi

The Malawian government and the Livingstonia Synod has finally reconciled after a long misunderstanding between the two. This was witnessed over the weekend when the Presidential Advisor on National Unity, Vuwa Kaunda, attended the prayer service at Nkhata Bay Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP).

Kaunda confirmed to our reporters that indeed all is now well between the two. Kaunda said government is commending the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia for complementing government’s efforts in Area of Education, Health and HIV/AIDS management. Kaunda, who is also Presidential Advisor on Parliamentary Affairs, cited the opening of Livingstonia University; an establishment of the CCAP Church which is offering University Degrees in various fields including training secondary school teachers.


Vuwa Kaunda in Black suit commending Livingstonia Synod

Kaunda also cited Ekwendeni School of Nursing which is offering Diplomas and Certificates for nursing students is another effort worth commending by the church. “This is what Professor Arther Peter Mutharika has been preaching all along to ensure other stakeholders are taking part in the development of the country,” said Kaunda. Kaunda took advantage of the church gathering to promote Professor Mutharika’s three Pillars of Integrity, Hardworking and Patriotism saying it’s only when the Nation embraces the spirit of hard work and patriotism that the nation can develop.

Kaunda also asked the church to protect and safeguard the lives of people with albinism, the elderly, the disabled and the female children. Kaunda also urged the Church to encourage girl’s education and support government’s efforts in discouraging early marriages by young girls.

Speaking for the church, Reverend Joseph Kamisa, who is the station Minister, commended His Excellency the State President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika for the freedom of worship prevailing in the country. Reverend Kamisa also commended the President for the bumper harvest this year. “We are grateful with the state of affairs such as bumper harvest which this country has experienced,” said Kaunda.

Reverend Kamisa also extended an Invitation to His Excellency Professor Mutharika to attend the Church Centenary Celebrations next year which will mark 25 years of Church Service for the Nkhatabay CCAP Church. Also speaking was Senior Chief Mkumbira who thanked Mutharika for Job Creation to the Youth through skills Training in Community Technical Colleges. T/A Mkumbira also thanked The State President for the Peace and Calm, Law and Order prevailing in the country.