Malawi Police Unable to Track Albino Predators; Government Blamed

By Thula Chisamba

As cases of albino abduction and ritual murder continue to escalate, The Malawi Star has established that Government’s failure to empower the Malawi Police service is compromising the tracking of albino predators in the country.

Information gathered by our reporter shows that most police officers in the country are not fully equipped with necessary resources that may help them in tracking these satanists.

Since the horrendous murders began to surface less than three years ago, official records show that only seventeen criminals have been brought to justice courtesy of patriotic Malawians.

On the other hand, many abductors have escaped custody owing to police inability to track them and arrest them. In Kasungu, police officers failed to apprehend these culprits due to mobility problems.

“They came on the crime scene too late and found the predators already gone. They depend on us locals to nab these predators for them, otherwise they can’t,” said Patrick Zimba, Kasungu resident.

An inside source at the Police Service confided with this publication that most police units are not receiving enough support, thus they operate less effectively.

He cited mobility and motivation as some of the primary concerns of Police officers in his district.

“That’s why we report late to the crime scene. Like here in Mzimba, mobility is the biggest problem that makes us work ineffective[ly],” said the officer who asked to remain anonymous.

Though this publication can not independently confirm the allegations, Police officers in the area are claiming they must walk five kilometres or more to reach crime scenes in Mzimba.

“In fact, there numerous setbacks that affect our job as Police officers in the rural areas. Members of community police are also fed up because of lacking motivation from authorities thus the task remains hard for us to track these albino predators,” said another officer in the same region.

In reaction to the observation, Executive Director for the Association of People with Albinism in Malawi (APAM), Bornface Mawa, urged authorities to resolve such problems quickly, citing lives of albinos are in grave danger everywhere.

He went on to emphasize that as APAM, they depend on the police in safeguarding lives of albinos in the country.

“Well-wishers must help the police by providing them with relevant resources so that they can work effectively in safeguarding lives of albinos in the country. Let me take this opportunity to thank locals who have helped in reporting perpetrators of albino abduction to Police, they have helped a lot and I wish that they must continue,” said Masa.

On his part, commissioner of Malawi Police, Lexton Kachama, promised that his office will make sure police officers are provided with necessary resources so that they work effectively.

“Much as there might be such problems but as Malawi police, we will continue safeguarding Malawians because that is our job, thus albinos must never be alarmed with the frequent abductions,” he said.

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Jappie Mhango, said his ministry has recorded the observation and will work on the problem urgently.

He went on to caution all perpetrators of albino abduction that they will face the long arm of the law once they are apprehended.

“In fact, we will be arresting chiefs and parents, some of whose own children have been abducted, because we have realized that they too are fueling the malpractice,” fumed Mhango.

In the meantime, as both sides continue a war of words, albinos are being hunted by predators for use in satanic rituals.

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  1. Police is just ready to work with any community member. One problem most community members have is that they hide criminals and think police will dream. This is our nation, our people our relatives let’s help each other in providing security for these people. I hope, if community members are well organised no criminal mind can on these people succeed. Please, good citizens, if you have information use competent POLICE officers to work on that info. I tell you one day this will remain history. It’s all about unity, we can do it. Leave aside politics, we can’t trade politics with human life together.

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