Karonga UTD Hire new Coach

By: Thula Chisamba

The newly promoted Karonga United, has hired, Kondwani Mwarweni, as a new coach, ahead of Super League encounter.

Karonga United with New Coach

In a telephone interview, the team manager, Abraham Mwakhwawa, confirmed the development, citing they have confidence in Mwarweni because he once managed the team.

“He was the only coach who promoted Karonga United to the topflight league and to me, that alone made him qualify for the post,” he said.

Nevertheless, Mwarweni is already serving Kaporo stars which is camping ahead of Northern Region Football Association (NRFA)-Simama Premier league.

However, in an interview with this publication on Wednesday, Mwarweni, said he was ready to help Karonga United despite being Kaporo stars manager.

“Much as that is true, but Karonga United is my home team thus I am ready to help it at anytime. Remember I once coached it years ago,” said Mwarweni.

This publication understands that, authorities at Karonga United have been working round the clock, to put their house in order, since NRFA announced their promotion.

Throughout the week, they have been searching for a suitable stadium, which the super league of Malawi (SULOM) can consider.

“We have so far managed to find, Chitipa stadium and it’s our belief SULOM will consider it,” said Mwakhwawa.

On the part of hiring new players, Mwakhwawa, said he was not clear if that can be possible at present, because the transfer window closed some weeks ago.

Asked if  Karonga United was fully funded to participate in the topflight leauge-which is usually expensive, when it comes to playing away games, Mwakhwawa responded saying,

“I wouldn’t say we are financially well than Chilumba guys, but we are confident that we will manage to participate in the league.

Remember, we already participated in the same league sometime back thus we have some sort of experience,” added Mwakhwawa.

Meanwhile, the team is under an intense pressure, because northern region soccer fanatics are expecting wonders from the same-being a newly promoted side from Simama premier League.


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