Police Staffer held for forging Medical Documents

By: Happy Arnold Soko

The Limbe Police Training (PTS) School Nursing in-charge has come under fire for producing fake medical documents for new police recruits to secure a job, The Malawi Star can reveal.

Malawi Police (photo file)
Malawi Police (photo file)

The Nursing in-charge has been identified as senior assistant commissioner of police Gertrude Chilemba. Chilemba is accused of produced and selling fake medical documents to the new recruit at a price of MK3500 each form.

A source close to the publication revealed that the senior assistant commissioner of police was duplicating medical forms and was selling them to people who were not called for interviews.

“It’s not only juniors involved in corrupt practices. When it comes at money no rank is spared. She was conducting health assessment and giving out forms and instructed the uncalled candidate to go on the line to the boardroom.

But after the officials conducting the interviews suspected some fishy game happening, they questioned some of those who bought the form. They revealed to have bought the medical document from the nurse at the school hospital.” said the source on condition of anonymity.

It is alleged that she has been selling the fake medical document since the interview commenced on Monday.

Efforts to hear from Limbe police spokesperson proved futile as went to the press.







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  1. Ganet DON’T threat ppo,,dis is true story.!!But de question is:What if dis was done by a junior rank police officer???U would hv hear about interdiction,,demotion+bad speeches from high ranks in Police but since its their fellow ……???Lets wait&c & hear!!

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