Mzuzu MP Visit Flood Victims

By: Thula Chisamba
The Mzuzu City constituency legislator, Jose Leonard Njikho, defied harsh weather conditions on Friday to console thousands of flood victims in some parts of the city.

Part of flooding in Mzuzu
Part of flooding in Mzuzu

In an interview with The Malawi Star, he expressed sorrow citing the situation has greatly impinged affairs in the city and beyond.

“Many people are left homeless and hungry, a situation which is worrisome to me as their legislator,” he said.

Njikho urged Malawians to lend their hands in bailing out his constituents in these challenging times.

As of Friday evening, rains poured across the city, resulting in more casualties including damaging other houses.

Most roads became more impassable in some townships like Chithira, Zolozolo and Ching’ambo.

Furthermore, hygiene has become a paramount issue. The rains destroyed thousands of pit latrines across the city, which has raised concerns regarding proper sanitation. The residents are subject to be affected by dysentery, diarrhea, and cholera if early a response to the problem is not set in motion.

Recently, Malawi’s Vice President, Saulosi Chilima toured some affected areas across the city and consoled victims with assorted items including maize flour and cooking oil.

Meanwhile, thousands of displaced victims are scrambling for shelter at Kauwa victims camp, an Illumination Ministry church site. The public has expressed gratitude to Pastor Ziba for his and of generosity in letting the victims camp at his church and has called upon more Malawians to do the same.

In a similar development, thousands of flood victims in Karonga and Chitipa districts are said to be living in churches. These people have lost their homes, livestock, and crops to the floods and an immediate aid response to the problem is required.

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