Wandale Only Wants Popularity- Govt

By: Chikondi Magalasi

Malawi government has said that the leader for Peoples Land Organisation (PLO) in the self-acclaimed state, United States of Thyolo and Mulanje, only wants to become popular in this Country.

Kaliati: Wandale only wants Fame
Kaliati: Wandale only wants Fame

PLO leader Vincent Wandale, recently said the two tea-growing districts of Thyolo and Mulanje will form an independent state following the governments’ failure to address their land concerns with tea estates owners in the two districts.

In a Press statement released on Thursday afternoon by the Minister of Information and Civic Education, Patricia Kaliati, it describes Wandale’s intentions as only to achieve fame.

“It would seem that this is what Mr Wandale hopes Government would do so that he achieves fame, martyrdom, and popularity. The government will not, for the time being, oblige Mr Wandales’ wishes,’’ reads part of the statement.

The government has branded PLOs’ leader’s intentions of forming an independent state as treasonous and therefore the government’s present position is to leave Wandale alone.

The statement further says that the President of this Country Peter Mutharika has engaged some Ministers and other stake holders in the matter and has a hope of resolving it in favour of all concerned parties.

“Government is confident that the issue of idle land in tea estates in Mulanje and Thyolo will soon be resolved to the satisfaction of all those concerned,’’ stated the statement.

As we want to Press, Wandale was not available for comment as he was not picking up our telephone calls.

PLO is asking tea estates owners in the two districts to give people idle lands that they own for people to cultivate and feed themselves.

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