Social Media Lies Angers Inkosi M’mbelwa

By: Thula Chisamba

The Mzimba-ngoni, Paramount Chief, Inkosi Yamakosi, M’mbelwa V, has expressed his displeasure, on how some self-acclaimed Journalists are using the social media to spread blatant lies.

M'mbelwa and other Chiefs
M’mbelwa and other Chiefs

It has been noted by the Inkosi that every Jim and Jack, with access to social media in Malawi, claims to be an online Journalist.

He said the situation has weakened the mighty Journalism profession because most people have developed mistrust in most online media houses.

“It is very atrocious to learn that such self-acclaimed facebook journalists, always post fabricated articles with an intention of splitting Malawians.

If this remains unchecked, it may cause trouble even civil war in the country,” fumed M’mbelwa.

He was reacting to the recent social media fabrication, which claimed that he (M’mbelwa) and Mpezeni have dethroned Inkosi Mthwalo over the power struggle.

“They fabricated that Inkosi Mpezeni and myself had dethroned Inkosi Mthwalo over allegations that he is behind calls to have Mzimba split,” added M’mbelwa.

He said, the whole article was a fabricated, blatant lie and no reporter interviewed him on the matter to balance his story.

On the other hand, M’mbelwa, confessed that nothing of such kind has ever crossed his mind and Mthwalo is still on his throne.

“They wanted to bring confusion among the Ngonis but thank God, their intentions have failed,” he said.

Despite coaxing him, Inkosi Mthwalo declined to grant us an interview for fear of being manipulated.

“I have lost trust in you (Malawian journalists) because of your tendency of twisting and cooking up stories. I am afraid, you can manipulate me,” he said and hang up the phone call.

Of late, the social media has been home to lies and unverified stories including the recent one which implicated Prophet Bushiri in the death of Malawi’s Gospel songbird Grace Chinga.

Meanwhile, authorities at the Media Council of Malawi (MCM) have warned Malawians to be careful with some unregistered media houses, because they operate unprofessionally.

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