MZ Police Arrest Two Fraudsters

By: Matthews Mfune

Police in Mzuzu are keeping in custody two men for allegedly buying a plasma television worth K350,000 using a fraudulent cheque  .

Bwanali: Confirmed the Arrest
Bwanali: Confirmed the Arrest

Mzuzu police Public Relations Officer Martin Bwanali confirmed the arrest of the two suspects who were based in Lilongwe but come to Mzuzu on 12th April 2016.

Bwanali said  the duo duped  a saleslady who works in IT and Furniture shop situated in Mzuzu city by offering her a fake cheque and walked away with  a plasma TV.

The suspects were arrested when they were about to board a hired taxi after the manager of the shop noted that the cheque was fraudulent.

Police are also suspecting that the two might be the ones who have been duping business people by masquerading themselves as shop owners. They collect money from these people only to change their tune telling them that they better meet in the shop.

Meanwhile, they give back useless well-wrapped papers posing as if it’s the money they collected.

The suspect will appear in court to answer the charge of fraud. They admitted having used a cheque they knew was fake

Many people coming to Mzuzu from the south and central regions have fallen victims of such syndicates and have been duped a lot of money in the process.

Police are advising the public to be on the lookout and not to conduct any business with anyone they do not know or without a verified identity as there are fraudsters out there although the police are doing their best to crack down these tricksters.

The suspects have been identified as Isaiah Mponda aged 26 from  Chonkhobwe  village, T/A Mwase in Kasungu and Peter Banda aged 32 from Phaso village, T/A Kanyenda in  Nkhotakota district.


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