Breaking: Mapopa Msukwa Arrested for Defiling a Step Daughter

By: The Malawi Star

Former Big Bullets and Mighty Wanderers forward Mapopa Msukwa has been arrested by Malawi Police on allegations that he has been defiling his 8-year-old step daughter.

Msukwa arrested
Msukwa arrested

The former Malawi international football player was taken into custody on Wednesday.

It is alleged that Msukwa was arrested by Chileka Police after the girl confessed that she was being sexually abused which is contrary to section 160, Sub Section (a) to (g) of the penal code.

An inside source also revealed that Medical reports indicated that there is strong and enough evidence pointing to defilement.

The victim previously reported the abuse to her biological mother, who did nothing but concealed the deed.

Chileka Police, of Chileka Airport in Blantyre has since apprehended the couple.

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