MET Predicts More Rainfall in Northern Region

By: Lackson Kanyoza

People in the Northern region will continue to face floods crisis following the heavy rains that the region is receiving so far as the Meteorological department  has announced that the rains expected to continue until early next month.

Mzuzu floods set to continue until next Month
Mzuzu floods set to continue until next Month

The rains have been torrential for close to two weeks in  Mzuzu and Karonga districts  and has resulted in the deaths of eight people and displacement thousand more according to reports.

However, according to the director of the department of Meteorological Services Jolam Nkhokwe, the floods is due to the Elnino weather  phenomenon and the rains is expected to end early next month.

“The rains have caused a lot of havoc but will continue to come and probably will end this month end or early May. This is due to the El nino weather which has disturbed the weather patterns. That’s why the districts has an abundance of rain because of moist air that is imported from the Indian Ocean,” said Nkhokwe.

Meanwhile, reports are showing that the number of deaths have so far have reached 12 but that only 8 were recorded by the department of disaster management.

Disaster management spokesperson Jeremiah Mphande has confirmed that 736 households have been affected.

“We are trying our level best to assist those affected more especially by providing food and shelter. We are relocating others to other camps and we urge well wishers to come and help these people ,” said Mphande.

Nearly 958 people had been forced to seek refuge in unsanitary congested camps having been uprooted from their homes by heavy rains that have been recurring since Monday when the Department of Meteorology issued a warning of floods along North Rukuru, Lufilya and Kyungu rivers.

Some of the areas that have been heavily affected are Masasa, Chibavi, Mchengautaba , Chibanja and many more.

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