Albino Hunters Storm North-Malawi

By: Thula Chisamba

Traumatizing reports reaching this publication, show that a group of self-acclaimed satanists hunting for people with albinism have stormed Malawi’s northern region.

Albino under threat
Albino under threat

Information gathered by The Malawi Star unveils that such callous individuals are loitering around districts like Mzimba, Nkhata bay, Rumphi, and Karonga.

Recently, this publication established that an unknown criminal abducted a two-year-old albino baby girl in Kasungu district.

Parents of the abducted albino baby told our reporter that the said abductor broke into their house around midnight on Friday.

“We were asleep in the house when the child was abducted. We tried to scream for help but our efforts proved futile and he managed to run away with my baby,” said the mother.

Police publicist for the district, Edna Mzingwisa confirmed the incident to this publication, citing a manhunt has already been launched on the suspects.

She went on to warn aspiring offenders that the Malawi Police Service will make sure they face the long arm of the law.

“For whatever intention they have with the bones of people with albinism, as Police, we won’t condone that-We will make sure we apprehend them and bring them to book,” said Mzingwisa.

Nevertheless, reports show that, from Kasungu, such abductors have stormed the northern region.

But, northern region Police publicist, Assistant superintendent, Peter Kalaya, had no kind words for the abductors, citing that his team is fully equipped to defend people with albinism and once such heartless people are caught, they should expect to rot in jail.

“As law enforcers, we are always ready and if such reports are credible, people hunting for albinos must know that we will deal with them,” said Kalaya.

On the other hand, some quarters of the society have blamed the Malawi Police and the judiciary for entertaining such abductors with lenient sentences, citing the tendency is fuelling the malpractice.

“The problem is that they release such criminals very quickly thus the trend may live on- How I wish they gave such thugs stiffer punishments,” said Emily Mkamanga, Social commentator.


Recently, this publication published a story where one repeat abductor was once fined MK 50,000 only to be caught a few months later in possession of suspected albino body parts.


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